Thursday, March 5, 2009

Black Hole for Money

Where there is a hole on the desert, the water moves there and fill it up immediately... But this is dry season... Where come the rains...?! Those Lee, Li, Cheng, Lau will be also having their money going into the Black hole!

US will gradually moving forward to transform themselves to a Communist Country and China is in fact more or less a capitalist player sooner... I will see My daughters and sons future domestic helpers will be some young educated people from States besisdes the Thai, Indonesian, or Philippines!

The Money printing machine is still the best selling product...Dela Rue, running for money business over 200 years. See their stock price? Share price is 1,000 GBp! Let's pray for US economy! then worry about No.5!

Sit down and cry does not make any sense at all, stand up and move forward and work 180%!

120% is for the 90's history! Man, We have to trun , do not crawl!

Let's not invest on the stock market and get our work done perfectly and timely.


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