Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clear Water Road No. 1

Last Saturday , on the way to the mid point of the Green Power Hiking, we passed the place where we could see two black metal giant statue of Angel-like-Venus, one of the left of huge gate and one on the right. I heard that is the house of Mr. Ho. This is Clear Water Bay No. 1

Suddenly I though of Garden Road No. 1 Where the governor was staying on the past century until this New HKSAR was established, Tung Chi Wah would move out from that Colonial Helmsman house. I used to pass by after playing in the Botanic Garden in 1960.

Then I Thought about Upper Ngau Tau Kok Road Block No. 1 where I spent more than 20 years there.... Happy Young Kid with lot of fun, memories and stories...

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