Sunday, March 15, 2009

The New and the old things at Tsuen Wan. HK

A Skyscraper supped up Tsuen Wan Centre unveiled the contrast of a new Technology building behind the old street.
The New twin tower Building was owned by the once richest lady Kung Yu Sum in Asia who died of cancer two years ago at 71. She had no kids and there is still a court case of her billion dollar left behind to her close friend Chan Chi Chung.

This picture was taken at midst of Tai Uk Street I at 10 a.m. waiting for my friend Yesterday, This street still maintaining the similar outlook as it was 30 years ago. There you can see the “Ka Lok Bing Tenn” which is the best Cha Chann Taan in Tsuen Wan.

The technology will bring us convenience, faster information exchange reduce our effort moving from one place to another, but it does not improve the base living and life of people in Tsuen Wan. I still prefer the old town look of Tsuen Wan. Some what like the North Penang Road in Penang!


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