Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gadget walking machine

The Honda wearable robotic walker, an innovative gadget planned to support bodyweight, helps diminish stress on the knees and presents many advantages for people who work in factories in positions that require a lot of standing and running around for deliveries. This device is also considered to be helpful for people with special health conditions such as people that suffer from arthritis, people with walking disabilities, as well as old people.

You position the seat between your legs, put on the shoes and push the start button. The rest is just similar to the way one walks. According to Honda Motor Co., the system has a computer, motor, gears, battery, and sensors implanted in the wearable Robotic Walker, so that it responds to a person’s movements. Honda announced that soon they will be testing the Robotic Walker among their workers at their assembly lines, for purposes of feedback and potential improvements in the design of this experimental gadget.

It is important to notice that this new gadget by Honda has a very specific niche and will probably not be used by the general public, unless it gets so popular that perfectly capable of walking, some might want to get a bit lazy sometimes and just start using it. Should we get one pair for Trail Walker 100KM Hiking?


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