Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quality, Brand Name and Product Image

Ref: Mar is on left and Biver is on the right on top picture.

Blancpain a Small Swiss watch company since 1735. Only a few companies in the world have announced that they will never manufactured Quartz watch…

They have a very good quality in design, innovative in the selling some of the idea for marketing and a very consistent way to keep their old customers:

Every year, in Christmas, they will send you a booklet with a Xmas card by surface mail, the booklet will tell you what has been done in the year and some kind of new product promotions.

I have bought a Moon phase watch in small watch shop “ Sam Kung” at Park Lane some time in 1991. Well, they have been keeping this practice in sending me the booklet, and the Christmas card was signed by the CEO…Biver and the new CEO Marc Hayek since 2001.

This is their way to keep a High end watch market by continuous updating their old customer, more over recently they send us a quarter’s magazine on Blancpain ….That is a high cost but being a high value product, that can be understand, and they should see that I have not bought any watch since then… they keep this practice as they know.
Godiva, a US candies name. Whenever you buy these delicate chocolates, you will see a leaflet displaying all their chocolate types, and ingredient, Cappuccino Truffle, Macadamia Mosaic, Hazelnut praline truffle… And a “thank you” note from the President Jim Goldman.
Omega, a Swiss watch company, each watch come with a super-deluxe paper box packing with a one inch thick international operation manual in all languages… you may think that is not too good as it is using too much paper, but all the item inside is well written, printed, packed and be inserted orderly. You will find that is some what a quality product…a quality packing and you would like to keep the packing for years…
Industrial equipment
Where as one the other hand, we see a few product that does no come with a proper manual... well, the supplier’s explanation is that is a special made custom machine, Every machine part and software is special made for the customer specific written specification. In this case, naturally detail manual is needed! What kind of quality sprit that has been washed always with tight production schedule, and I wonder if a piece of equipment valued USD100,000.00 does not come with a proper manual that is a traitor of the principle of Quality…shameful. No one will believe that product will come with good quality…
This is a matter of determination for quality only!

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