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Sense of Responsibility

Company wise consideration, people want more. Customers want more than the products and services they buy. They want to be sure the people they are handling their money are responsible companies. Customers and share holders want to know the companies they do business with or invest on have a sense of responsibility not simply to their profit margins, they have a sense of shared future, that the companies will ravage the world or manipulate to the point of destruction, that they will not take advantage to cause any hardship, nor creating any social issues such as unemployment, environmental contaminations and wastes. They will not create problems in the name of the maximization of profit regardless of consequence. This is a natural expectation from customers of developed world.

Consumers and responsible companies want to be sure who they do business with will contribute to the society. German company has an industrial control on all their product in order to promote the image on the sense of Responsibility to the society, all packaging material is not allowed to have poisonous soluble ink pigment. The use of CFC material is not allowed on the packing of the commodities. Car manufacturer like BMW has said it is prepared for the European End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive by ensuring its vehicles are recyclable to the necessary standards. Over 85% of the material of the BMW is re-cycle-able.

This is corporate responsibility. It is a highly visible image of a company far removed from the drive to increase profits - yet essential for today’s world where people have a choice - and they choose to spend wisely and with responsibility.

We seek to become more successful in the future will be required to have a visible sense of responsibility - and work within society to create sustainability.

There may be an interesting question on what is the responsibility. If there is a way to identify and or quantify the responsibility, then there will be limited responsibility.
One day when I return home, I saw that there was a lot of Timothy hay in front of my flat. My daughter later told me that she was doing the house keeping on the bunny’s cage and she dumped all the dirty hay in front to the house.… So I was hysterically mad about my self as I was the one to teach my beloved daughter to have a sense of responsibility. Later on she said the cleaner would come to clean the building at night. That may be her excuses!

The same case happened on employee, sense of Responsibility. Take for an example if there is some one who dropped a hand phone in a crowded in MTR? I bet you may not pick up for her, but you would remind her something she had dropped. Just because nowadays people mind is too complex and hard to identify the thence-after consequence… He may think that other people would think that he is trying to please the girl. He may think that the girl may mis-undtserdtand that his intention to help her….

Similar case in a MTR carriage, who would want to give seat for a pregnant lady? But no one would start the move… and let’s see who is the one would stand up and offer the seat first. Some time and quite often, the woman find no one is offering a seat to her. Simply the people is too much worry about other peoples thinking on his intention. And always had not confidence to face with failure when the pregnant would reject the seat offer!

People now away are too much nervous and over-cautious on everything they do in front of the public….That may be worse when communicate with his boss.. They will try to speak only on good but void the bad news. Most of them would like to paint a beautiful picture rather than a FACT of life. That is a problem…

Little things are great for little man
We do not need a super colossal to make big thing every day as there seems not practical sometimes. But we do need people to make small contribution everyday on his position! That kind of contribution will becoming a big contribution to the Company
Same as Toyota :”Kaisin” programme, asking everyone to improve a bit in his best understanding on his position!

Now we have to face with probably century’s worst economy crisis. That cause most of the financial vehicle melt down, world largest bank to be diminished >80% in a few months, the layoff pile up…with 4,000,000 job loss in USA… and it is still worsened without knowing when that can come to an end…

The global semiconductor industry will continue to witness a revenue slump until 2013, forecasts research firm Gartner. The firm also said that worldwide semiconductor sales are projected to generate $194.5 billion in 2009.. World global chip sales dropped 31% in Jan 2009. That will keep sleeping until 2013…

Being world largest equipment supplier will inevitably been avoid to be affected…as We mostly rely on our semiconductor houses and assembly house for the purchase. We do have to follow the buying need for the whole semiconductor market in proportion. However if the market falls like it is now, we will not be staying unaffected. As IC market will not as good as 2008 been till 2013.

Discrete and power is depending on China drive for increasing the domestic consumption on domestic electrical appliance to rural districts. As Money talks, all depends which level of people and kinds of products will be a benefit to the trader, official and the end users, the money will be put into the market but it may take a few months to a year for the result to be visualized. Not until the current old stock of the specific product is consumed, there will be no new need for equipment, nor no new need for discrete or power device manufacturing equipment purchase.

Where as LED will be an emerging market due to the drives from various national energy clause for greener energy, the multiplication for more efficient illumination devices, household illumination, replacement incandescent light in Traffic light, for public TV, BLU for LCD TV and Hand phone and the need for decorative light and signage board…
We can see that the LED will carrying growth and at same time if we can have more penetration power for bigger market share there will be a lot of growth in it.

Being a staff of company, a sense of responsibility is to support the captains instruction in steering the ship at the rough seas... and whatever seasick would be temporary and once we surpassed the storm, there will be rainbow, and all we need is to cooperate and work hard 180 percent as I mentioned to Bloggers of mind, 130 percent so not enough at this time of the day…

Many a little makes a fickle, once if everyone would work as a team with strong believes that we will surpass the crisis and right next to the crisis will be another vertical growth of ASM…
And farther pull away from our competitors… as they are busy concentration on the cost cut, lay offs and as opposite, ASM staff is being up ourselves by creating more new product and more support to our customer’s and resolving all outstanding issues by our service engineers, when customer has a need for product they will make a wise selection on who they should work with….definitely we know the answer.

The important of the point is that everyone will stay alert for the crisis, keep our weapon sharpened and waiting of new synergy to come.

Misfortune tells us what fortune is

We needed to say, under such an order situation, we have to be more proactive to plan for the worse in the coming quarters.

When company is facing the finical challenge as their Economy tssuimai which might be the most severe on the whole century the legend if profit making company like Toyota, Sony could both be an exceptionally example to be escaped, Toyota and Honda had loss of 40% car sales in the first Quarter in 2009.
HSBC which has been running over 100 years in Hong Kong, the beloved preferred blue chip elephant of the elderly… now has to face with reality, the stock went down to a low value and no one can be sure when the bottom price that it would go before bounce back!

Our Company has been making profit for the past thirty seven years, now may have to face with the same problem as the Toyota and Honda.
I was always thought that there is no big task or operation guru can be done in one day, but little thing each time everyday will build a good company.

Do you have a sense of responsibility? The probability is ... yes. Most people do. Most of the employee does have a certain responsibility. How?

So what is sense of responsibility? I can say what ever they do in a company should be made for the benefit of the normal growth and sustainability if the company.
We can help manage the entire process from concept to implementation of running with complete visibility to ensure the maximum recognition with and viability of your brand.

This comes down to YOUR will to do the right thing, combined with OUR knowledge and experience.
Do the "right thing" and increase the impact of your organization. This is something the wider society desperately needs. Likewise, business needs to find the most effective mechanism of engaging the wider society in terms other than business, in terms that help people and allow people to see the organization as a caring and responsible organization.

People of the wider society are then far more likely to deal with the responsible organization for business and services. It's all about trust. This is something outside the normal parameters of profit.
Would you like to do the right thing? Would you want to be recognized as being responsible and of benefit to the wider society?
Would you like to discover the impact of sustainable development on your future?
Evolve into something better. Have a plan. Visualize.

9 Ways You Can Promote a Sense of Responsibility In our staff

1. Be a good role model
Your staff watch everything you do. If they see you as responsible, they will be more inclined to be more responsible.

2. Provide Structure
Empty talks has not affection on your peer, you have got to work as to show to your staff that hardworking is important in maintaining a drive for work force. People said work smart does not require to work hard, to certain extent, that is not right, as if smart guy works harder, the effect is no 1X multiple, but may be 10X multiple!
You can help your staff focus and succeed by creating a structure in which he can succeed. Coaching on the need for team work is our responsibility.

3. Help your staff to keep tack on the sales and service programme, production progress status
By creating lists, tally sheets or charts, your staff can monitor his own progress on sales and service activities. Resolving the problem of projects. This will remind her of the jobs he has yet to complete. It will also give their feelings of worth and pride when they see a task has been completed. This in turn promotes a sense of responsibility and high self-esteem.

4. Empowerment
Try to load more works to your staff provided they are being well monitored for progress and if they can handle it that will be on their own, the higher self-esteem they will have. Paradoxically, in many situations, the less you help them, the more you help your staff.

5. Set arm stretched goal for the staff
Do you demand 10M or 15 M sales per quarter’s ion their territory? Set some guide line for them in their forecast for your expectations may be too specific and too high; or, if he meets those standards, he may be doing so for your benefit, not their own, so their success might not contribute to his self-esteem.

6. Allow adequate time for the task. To learn new products, to do sales pitches, to finish sales reports . It takes time to process new information. The sales team who is rushed may follow directions by mimicking what you are doing, but probably will not understand the significance of the task or process the new proposal. Also, if you feel rushed, you may be applying pressure to your sales team, and they may become discouraged. So remember that building responsibility takes time.

7. Keep encourage your staff. There is some traditional practice of discouraging by picking up their mistake and error made in the process of mnaufcayring, sales visit, or deficientin service a customer with satisfactionj. There is very mimimum encouragement to staff most of the time.
That does not mean that you are not cool enough to be his boss, instead your are more human l as your become more professional in distinguish between so called “ good” and “bad”.
When a staff is occasionally discouraged either by the weight of his responsibility or by his failure to be responsible, you can counteract such discouragement by reminding him of his successes in previously performed tasks. Talk to them that
Remember we did that last time you had a lot of sales order. Do only one thing at a time, like you did last time. If you get stuck on anything leave it, and we will help you when we meet in the Monday meeting. And, don’t become overwhelmed. You always manage. I'm always impressed with how well you handle all this work."

8. High light the logical consequences of irresponsible behaviour. Once you are certain that your staff is capable of performing a task and has had enough time to do so, he needs to experience the consequences (the effects) of irresponsibility (the cause). These consequences should be neither punitive nor abusive.

9. Support your staff become responsible by establishing fair, sensible guide lines for them to follow up.
We all need guide line, staff and managers alike. They serve as boundaries to establish what is and is not acceptable practice. Managers begin setting boundaries for their team mates. To be effective, the guide lines need to be well thought out, logical, and fair to all involved.In conclusion, as responsibility is essential to the development of good character and business success, it is wise for manager to give thought to how they can facilitate the process. If your goal is to have an educated, responsible, well-adjusted sales team, production engineer, your whole division team needs to work together, sometimes making sacrifices, to achieve that goal. Will it be easy? No. But it will be well worth your time and energy!

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out."

- Art Linkletter


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