Monday, March 30, 2009

Safety in the Wharf and harbour

Whenever you go to the wharf, you may like to watch how the gigantic liner is being towed to berthing with the help of the tug boats, This was once my favourite programme when I used to Travel to the Ocean terminal after works on Saturday.

Do not forget that you may have to have to expose you eye contact with the rotating Radar scanners. In the past , when we are in the near vicinity of the wharf, the third mate would switch the Radar to "Standby mode" instead of "tranmit mode"

As this kind of radar is trasmitting Micro Wave pulses at a power of 50KW which can Cook you eyes.... expecially to those have a good eye sight ( need not wearing any Glasses) Nowadays, I still not recommend people to get closer ot the radar scanner eye contact, as it is risky to do that unless you eyes are made of Stainless steel or Titaninum!


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