Sunday, March 22, 2009

Entering Macau

Five HK pro-democracy legislators and activists were barred from entering neighbouring Macau 15 Mar-The latest in a recent series of entry denials by the Chinese gambling enclave.

Macau government information officer Elena Au said she didn’t know why the Hogn Kongers were barred and declined further comment.
There is no formal explanation on why they are not allowed to go into this place.
I feel that there may have a black list in Macau top official’s hand.

Who know you or me will be facing the same things on day in front of the immigration officer at the Macao border!?

Well, I talk to myself, I do not want to go there for vacation. I will rather select another free country for spending my hard–to-earn-Nickels as a silence Demonstration to the rude Macau management.


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