Thursday, March 5, 2009

Income Disparity after WWII

See the current 15 years, China has been displaying themselves more actively on the international show stage of diplomatic exercise and foreign affairs!

This is the 31st year of Tang Siu Ping Economic reform and we have been witnessed tremendous growth in China Economy, we are transforming from a third class argricultural country into a developing country.

With huge population that is equilvalent to an enormous consumption market in the domestic consumers chains, electronics industrial, civil products, we believe that we can outperform most of the Countries in another 10 years.

China's Wen Jai Boa is now able to talk and criticize some one who had made a big mistake in the economy monetary vehicle operation in US. China being the world largest creditor for USA with 800B USD.

China has to work with less depending on the external support on technology as we can be sure that we will have people to start working on our own standard for electronics , telecomunication , EV car building and manufacturing infrasturture.
Recently Samsung had announced a new model in Asia, not long later, approx. 30 days, China had a new launch for Samsong handphone whcih is 95% resembled as Original Samsung and even there are a few features better than Samsung. Surprised that Samsung found out that their price is only 1/3 of the original Samgsung. Samgsung people wanted to find out the white -box factory in order not to smash down the factory, but instead to work with them to co-develop the new products. The factory responsibile man woul not like to work with Samsung as there will be a lot of tax issues, Which would reduce their profit margin.

China will strive hard for achieving 8% GPD growth this year and that has been national wide target for china. I a sure that China can make it...

From the Gini Curve, we can see that USA and China are now tryig to exchange their position on the curve... May not long later, China will becoming a typical example fo Capitalism and USA a Communist country...

From the curve China is Red and USA is Yellow, The red curve is steeper than the yellow!

The Steeper the disparity, the income pattern would be more likely a Capitalist pattern!


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