Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do not complain about your job!

There is a lot of people, especially young graduates expecting a very good return from the job. When that was only at the stage of interview.

During interview with the fresh graduates, most of them will ask what kind of career path they can have in such a company which is largest in the world in the industry.
They will ask for how many days of annual leave they can have a year, is that any compensation and incentive for them to travel overseas for business... how many day and hours they have to work.
Well, look that these people, and then perhaps we should learn to respect them on their career!



Anonymous said...

Hi Fever,

Anonymous said...

Hi CaCa,

1. What if I were being employed, What kind of position that you think best be assigned for me?

2. Besides, hardworking, what do you suggest me to focus in getting a smooth career path in your company?

3. How can I be working like you?
For how long I can be promoted as CEO in your company if I possessed all kinds of talent you think that a good calibre young man should have?

4. How come you are still a general manager instead of CEO after working in a compnay for 25 years? What is wrong with you?

5. How do you rate promotion and how do you justified for one's promotion?