Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Apple is one of the 100 brands in the world, we see a repid growth of 24% in 2008!

They have the following successful factors:
Beautiful product
The product has new gadget and feature
Unique product
Hi technology
Building up An Unique Image
Create a trend same as Swatch as it did in 1986-1993.

All Iphone and Apple Note books is using the best LED from one of the LED makers in USA as on the Back Light units! This is a high cost high performance LED for note book and Mobile phone!

Only uncompromised people will not hesitate to put high quaility components in his product...

Excellent service in product purchase and delivery, I just kicked on their web site and filled in a form yesterday afternoon around 4:00pm, and they have delivered the 3G iPhone to my office at 1000 directly from the factory Foxconn Precision in Longhua ShenZhen...!
That is an outstanding service!


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