Sunday, November 2, 2008

Easy to talk, hard to do!

It is a hot topics, Global warming concern, Government's Green Hong Kong Campainge, and world concern to preserve the world.

However I found that only less than few percent of HK people would participate by action in the preservation of Hong Kong Environment.

I went out to buy some crab for cooking tonight. That is what I saw... A mother and son who were on the way bring hot Breakfast back home, I guess that is congee.

I counted that has about 6 boxes of Congee and three other which may be noodles... There are total 9 plastic boxes and may be another 9 spoons and chopsticks and three plastic bags.... Just for breakfast! I dare not imagine that this thing still happen and I am sure there is no one in Hong Kong will carry a pot as we did 20 years ago to buy congee from Dai Pai Dong!

I have some suggestion:

1. Make yourself your congee at home, not difficult at all.

2, Bring a pot to buy the congee.

3. Consider other kind of food to avoid less plastic boxes.

4. Wash clean the pot and put it back to re-cycle collector in your building!

How do do handle this normally?



Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
I think putting congee into those PVC products is the worst thing. The extreme hot melted it then you will find plastic smell & taste in congee.

About one and a half month ago, the recycle price of paper is $1.2/kg, but it drops to $0.3/kg tomorrow. Sooner or later, no recycle lorry will park around you. We want to save Mr. Earth, but running the business take no profit then no one will do it.

My friend working in the Golden Coast Hotel, she says the same words every night -“折墮”. I do want Café de Coral can let us to have a choice for lighter meal with less rice. Use bamboo toothpicks or don’t supply. We can do much more for our earth. But nobody wants to U-turn. Throw away all the air conditioners, push down all the shield buildings. Nonsense!

Paul said...

I prefer Shinoyoka, Cafe' de Coral and Fairwood, than They are more intended to us reuseable bowl and spoon. The worst is the Mcdonald...
I hope that the anged, youth and all should have a wise selection for reducing the use of PVC ultensils!