Monday, November 3, 2008


Last week Peter went with his new girl friend Manqué into a decent French restaurant in Central Plaza to celebrate the Halloween night. That was a grand restaurant with 200 degree sea view over the entire Kowloon across the Victoria harbour.

Peter has reserved one of the best lobster soups which Manqué likes to have. He was amazed to have this pretty girl with gorgeous body to dine with him. And he had a lot of dream after the dinner….

When the soup came…however Peter noticed that the young stewards had dipped his index finger into the soup! And Manqué did not notice and sipped a few mouthfuls!!

He was unhappy to see that but he was afraid Manqué had seen that too! So he talked to the steward loudly and unfriendly: “ Oh F&*^! What happen to you? Are you new here? how come you put your finger into the soup! I want to see your captain!!

The Steward was shocked, begged and apologized and saying that he has serious Rheumatics diseases on his finger and it will be much comfortable to put in hot warm water or soup!

Peter Did not accepted his saying and he at the time he called for the captain and he ticked off the boy again! “What a f%$%! If you think it is comfortable in warm water, why don't you insert your finger into your ass hole…..?

The boy lowered his head and whispered… Yes, Sir, I did it in the Kitchen!


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