Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hong Kong People Is Getting Brutal!

This morning, when I was entering the lift, some one called me and I was unable to press the DC button....with one hand holding the phone and one hand with my brief case!
This is a Hong Kong people culture or habbit for the last one enter any lift to press the "Door Close" button!
Usually there is a pre-set delay of 2 seconds to close the door automatically if no one is going to activate the DC button, two seconds only!

Whilst I was having no hands to do that this morning, a guy about 30 very brutally and pressed the buttom with full force of his angry hand! and then he stared with big eyes for half a second to warn me I was wrong not to press the button! He might not aware that I am a Kung Fung Flighter!

I was shocked and I did not think that is a need as this is just two seconds minus a delay of 0.4 second for his hand to reach to the button, minus another 0.3 second as a short delay for the door to response!

He gained 1.3 seconds but probably he had killed himself for 2 billions cells under his uncontrolled temper!

Is that Worth.....??

Well, he Might be one of the Lehman Brothers mini bond investors.... Forgive him!!


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