Thursday, November 13, 2008

Innovative Products

These are some of the prototype product, BMW Gina, Nokia 888 Handphone, NEC tag
Nokia Aeon, Skylift Oryx bike, Sprout Umbrella...etc
What is the next Handphone function and new feature you can think of:
Altitude, Humidity, Temperature, barometer, Compass and Wind speed indicator
Blood Oximetry meter
Glucose content tester
Body warmer or heater
Cancer Cell destructor
Dating Machine
Egg cooker
Electronics Copying Machine
Electronics hi power magnifying glass
Emergency signal and beacon for plane crash
Fuel battery operation
Laser Cutter (007 tool)
Laser face and skin toner
Location tracer and checker
Micro wave oven
Mosquito repelling
Muscle relaxer embedded
Presenter with laser pointer and Note book control
Projector for small room presentation and DVD movie projection on wall.
Shoe polisher
Toxic Analysis (007 tool)
Traveler Iron
UV bank-note checker
VISA card, Optopus card, passport, ID card container
Finger print collector

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