Friday, February 19, 2010

Ap Liu Street

Ap Liu Street (鴨寮街) is an old street in the Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It runs parallel to Cheung Sha Wan Road between Yen Chow Street and Nam Cheong Street. It is about 160 metres in length

The easiest way to reach it is to light off at the MTR Sham Shui Po Station. Take A2 or C2 exit and you will be ascending directly into Ap Liu Street.

The Cantonese name “Ap Liu” (鴨寮) originated from a village which was formerly located nearby but has long since been buried underneath the urbanization of Sham Shui Po.

Ap Liu Street is a huge flea market containing electronics, electrical components, LED lighting products, two restaurants that sells snake soup that make shock you if you have not imagine. Older Chinese thinks that the snake meat can boost their blood circulation and they are the hot cakes in Winters.

2nd Hand Audio Equipment, Clothes, back packs, old Watches, handphone of both new and used ones, antiques and used electrical appliances, electrical and electronics tools and other related items.

This is the world for good negotiators, if you have a sweet mouth, try to make some negotiation, you may get some discount from 10-20% on what you should normally get at the street stores. There are a lot of cheap good such as battery cells of all kind at a price of less 80% on what you get normally in the city shops.

Remote control toys such as helicopter, cars, submarine and speed boats starting with HKD80.00. A shopper can find both new and used merchandise in the area. I have been doing shopping more than 30 years and I see a lot changes… many of the shop keeper are the small street side business starter some time 20 years ago…

On the other side opposite the Cheung Sha Wan road, the Golden Shopping Arcade will get you all the Video Games, Computer, printers and Handphone, hardware for computer for geek shoppers.

In Recent years, seems Ap Liu street is a kind of foreign tourist faviourite shopping spots.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Fever,

深水埗是一個很特別的地方 - 是香港最多人生活在貧窮線之下的社區, 同時是發掘寶藏的地方.

如果說鴨寮街是男士的天堂, 我想女士的天堂就在基隆街, 那兒有五花百門的飾物配件、水晶、珠串...有不少日本人、台灣人、貌似印裔人、金髮女士...等等來談商.



Feverip said...

Hi Caca,one could feel wierd that you asnt me comment on Chinese and I reply in English... In order to do things better, I am installing a Chinese Writing Pen on my Note Book

See you soon in Chinese Reply!



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Hay Man,

別忘記"You are the host!" 您的允許是我的榮幸! (有學者說:"有好的語文能力,就別要半中半英的". 但有時候用別的,會更傳神,例如:"Mr Right"/口語化的字眼.
參與您的"博客",既可以練習中文輸入法,亦可以多看英文,一石二鳥啊! c9日常不會用,快要回贈老師啦!

Feverip said...

Hi Caca,

What is "C9"?

HK Snob!

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Hi Caca

OK I see, C9! What Fun..

How About me, A MNL?

HK Snob

Feverip said...

Hi CaCa,

It is Late, please take a rest...

By the way, MNL is so Called
"Ma Nut Lo" hmmm!

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