Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be happy man, Days in Chiang Mai!

I was stranded in The Hotel in Chiang Mai due to shut down of Bangkok airports.
It was a bit stressed whenever the TV is switched on, there are only tow news, Shut down of Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi Airports in Bangkok and the Mumbai Murder that had 160 killed and wounded 327 inhured. And the siege is still on!
So there are all bad news, terrorists mad acts, Economy Tsunami, Shut down of Thai airports,
I also worry my wife, my daughters, my families in Hong Kong and Thailand...

I should go out the city and breathe, walk and do some sight seeing, whilst I met one Australian couple in the lift and asked how was their feeling, they said they enjoyed and they could spend a few days more for sight seeing in Chiang Mai!!

I have toured around the whole city for about 12 Km and stopped at a few places : Warorot Grand Palace, Wat Phra Sing, Wat Sam Phao, Tha Phae Gate...


latest news from CNN, 187 killed including 15 foreigners, 17 Policemen, 350 injoured in Mumbai Siege!
Fever, 29-30 Nov 2008 Sat. Chiang Mai


Anonymous said...

Poor Paul,

知道你被逼滯留泰國, 心裡總不好受.您已安全抵港嗎?


Paul said...

Hi Rebacca,
Thanks for the concern, I flew from ChiangMai-KL-HK and I took a whole day to reach Hong Kong on 1 Dec. That is along journey, And I would have been OK staying in ChiangMai where it was peacfully and calm!