Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wines Talks

Times Magazine has nominated the best the Healthy food, guess what is the Top of the list? RED wine, 2nd is Salmon, third is ……
So you may ask why the first one is red wine, as red wine has the following advantage,
It soften the vessel, it create some kind of good chorestol and reduce the chance of having cancer.
French Wine
Bordeaux and Burgundy wines are famous wine with typical taste from France.
They gain the appreciation of most of the wine lovers. Yet, not all the wines are from France.There are wines available in the market from Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Chile, Italy, Argentina, Australia, United States, and in the last ten years from China. These are so called the New World. France does bear the honour as the first wine producing country, In fact, Wine was originated in Italy, dating back to a long history to 753 B.C. During the Roman Empire.

Gem of wine
People keeps talking these names in the lips; Latour, Lafife, Margaux and Haut Brion these renown wine produces probably most of the best wine in the world. They belong to the First growth Category by Classification of 1855 in Bordeaux. Mouton , not until 1973, was classified as the first growth wine. These are great Chateaux, they bear the brand name because of they have a very high standard of quality control and many hundreds years if experience in winery, plus the philosophy and the wine producers. Sometime “less is more” is the major successful factors. They will choose the largest grapes and then amongst them choose the best one as for the preparation of their wine of reputation,

Wine age
An old Vintage wine usually sleeps a longer time in shedding its cloaks of tannin, and might be amiable when drink. It should not be misinterpreted as symbol if good wine.
All wine has its own” best Consumption date” or “ life”, old vintage wine consume well past their “ best Consumption Date” give disappointment more than Pleasure to the wine lovers.

Wine Rating
Robert Parker, American Wine connoisseurs of world respect and acceptance set a standard of
Wine quality. Taken into consideration of storing potentiality, fruit, bouquet, palate, aroma, colour, viscosity, acidity, changes of the wine over time, balance in sweetness, favour, and fragrance, drinking pleasure, and how long it stay in-between your teeth….Yet these people are human and they have their choice of own palate preference, and market to serve in their comment. We had to learn to respect these wine comment with an objective attitudes, use it as a quality standard and or guide., some how after year of teasing experience we find that our score rate is pretty close to Robert’s. Wine which carry an average of over 86 marks by Robert Parker are wines of good drinking quality. 100 marks is perfect wine….

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