Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wilson's story

Wilson was a hard-charging sales executive. After three promotions in five years, he was working longer hours than ever before. He had to closer and closer to the top, and he could almost taste it now. Six-days workweeks with long hours were not enough, so he brought work home with him.

When he woke up in the recovery room after a triple bypass heart operation, he began to reassess. During three weeks of recovery, his family and best friends saw more of him than they had in decade, he cherish the time. Wilson's wife asked him if he really needed to work the schedule he had. Did they need more money? Did he rely need another promotions?

Wilson, challenged to actually think about his life- Something he never took the time to do when he was working- realized he had more than he needed and that the opportunity to reconnect with his family way the greatest gift he could be given.
18 Aug 2008 1010 a.m.

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