Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Audio System

Cartridge Clearaudio Goldfinger VC2 diamond

Linn Ittok Mark III tone arm (modified)

Vendeta Research SCP1 Pre-pre amp (modified)

Anthem PreIP phono amplifier - Telefunken CCaX2, 801SX2 (modified)

Audio Space Line 3.1 (modified) -Black gate Power capacitors, MIT coupler Capacitor, Telefunken 803SX2, 802SX2

Audio Space AS9813A WE300 Push Pull Power Amplifier (modified) Telefunken 803SX2, 802SX4, WE300B (1995)X4

Venture La'vantage Loudspeaker

Dick Sequerra Model MET 9 MKII Aluminum Ribbon Tweeter

Power Cable and Loudspeaker Fever home made Special!

Fuses are replaced with Palladium coated 6N copper rods

HK Snob

29. July, 2008


fooman said...

Have not seen the Lyra Arion for ages. Can you comment on the sonics?

Fever Ip said...
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Fever Ip said...

Hi Fooman,By the way, where and when did you see the Arion?

Fever Ip

simgapore said...