Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vendetta Research SCP1 by John Curl

A message written by John Curl on his masterprice SCP1 Pre pre amp


Originally posted by john curl Elso, this balanced business is mostly a myth. My Vendetta phono input is one of the quietest preamps in the world, and it is single ended input. The only thing that I have to worry about is putting a power supply next to the preamp or the wires that come from the phono cartridge. Of course, balanced may be necessary in some applications, such as running a low level signal from a soundstage 50 meters into another room, or a remote mixing board. Also, if you have light dimmers installed and running, balanced might help. However, balanced is overrated. This I know from personal experience. Dave Wilson is using the pre-preamp version (SCP-1) in his home reference siystem. You know, $200,000 in cost, with BIG subwoofers. If it hummed, he would certainly tell me so, and I just spoke to him yesterday. Hum is usually caused by no external shielding, or ground loops within the chassis.

HK Snob

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