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100 Best LP

This is my 100 Best LP

In my LP collection, it is hard to classify which one is Best as they are of different types of music. Each type of LP has it own outstanding Player and musicians, somehow , this bunch of LP can be classified as some of the best!

1. Best Chinese Lyric and Singing technique Tsin Teng Sings the song from Yao Ming who died in 1967 at age of 53. He is possible one of the most famous Chinese Song writer, he left us 1,000 beatiful songs. This LP contains some of his best songs such as the Lover's tears, I love Cha Cha, Kiss of Spring... etc.

2. Best recording performance LP Arne Domnerus Antiphone Blues, 1975.

Can you still be shocked, Organ and saxophone, for example, would have been unwelcome combination in the 60's. But now that the wallshave crumbled, and we allow contemporary and ancient music to mingle freely. new sounds are emerging. Just thank for a moment of Duke's Scared conserts... Listen! And enjoy an experience totally unlike anything you've heard before.

Most beautiful and touching music is side A 6th music: Traeumerei of Robert Schumann. The Saxophone is so transparent and brilliant that you would be shocked how come the recording is so real. Besides, I really appreciate the music arrangement!

3. Charles K. Feldman's Casino Royale arranged and Conducted by Burt Bacharach

"Casino Royale Theme" played by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. and The hit " The Look Of Love" Sung by Dusty Springfield. This is a TAS listed LP and this is the first issue.

An Extraordinary Music and singing performance, the stereo reproduction was superb!

4. At the Piano ...Henry Mancini.

Henry Mancini is one of the best adored Light music composer. I have been collecting his LP for twenty years. You name it: Charade, Moon River, Peter Gunn, Breakfast in Tiffany...Henry is a multi-talented man, You may think of him first as a composer because of the multitude of his popular hits. Perhaps you're most impressed by his skill as an arange-conductor, for handling an orchestra in another well-known Mancini forte. Yet few realize that he is also an accomplished pianist. The proof is in the listening pleasure. Here is Henry Mancini with A Warm Shade of Ivory- His firts album as a piano soloist. TAS listed LP, RCA Victor printed in USA in 1969.

Side A 1, in the Wee small hours of the morning, Cycles, Moment to Moment, A day in the life of fool, watch that happens, by the time I get to Phoenix. Side B: Love Theme from Remeo and Juliet, The windmills of your mind, when I look in your eyes, mediation and Dream a little dream of me...

5. Eagles Live

This LP has changed my life and found my hobby of Hi Fi since I was studying in College, to be exergerated, When I was learning in Hong Kong Polytechnic, I used to go to Mongkok trying to listen to this music "Hotel California" for many times. As I could not imagine a Mckintosh C36 was selling at HKD5,000 which is approx. 3 month salary of a fresh graduate of University at that time could be one of the item I could afford. And I told myself, in one day, I will try to make myself a set of Decent Hi Fi stereo such that I can play as how many times as I can for this music. This is an important LP from Eagles. as it containes best of their music beside Hotel California, I can't tell you why, New Kid in Town, Desperado and take it easy...

If you have a loudspeaker like JBL 4350, 4343 or AR3a, or AR LST, driven by the Crown 300A, or the Phase Linear 700, Mclntosh 5002, or Marantz 510M, then somehow you can feel what I am trying to say.... there is nothing more or nothing less I can say from the songs of Eagles Live.

This was printed in USA by Asylum Records. 1980.

6. The LA4 Pavane Pour Une, Infante Defunte

This is one of the beloved LP from the LA4, likely the best amongst his Home Coming, Just Friends. I like the music Autumn leaves, whilst I am listening to this LP, I feel a kind of warmth sweetness coming up from my heart, It encourages me to move forward for another mysterious day. And by doing so, I could have anther chance to listen to the music once more the next day.

The music reproduction of this LP is no question the typical Jazz way, with new blended jazz with some of the most essential factor for a pop music to be popular. Forever, easy listening and warm music.

7. Teresa Teng Live at the Yakult Bowl Osaka 1977

You could not immgaine how easy for her to sing for the night April 22, 1977 in Osaka for hours. As she is talented for singing, borne to be s singer!And how sweet that could be for Teresa to interprete his thoughts in English, Japanese and Madanrin. The Audio Recording is vivid, powerful and unlimited in Dynamic. Try to listen this Green High Mountain in Mandarin you will agree with what I am trying to say. The Live Teresa Teng is the most expensive LP, this is confirmed by the High price tag of HKD40,000.00 at Sam's Audio at IFC Tower Central, HK.

8. Persuasive Percussion

This is so called the "Black Dot", the most popular demonstraive Lp for Stereo in 1959-1962.

It was my first time to contact Stereo beacause of this LP, as my father bought this and demonstrated with Expanation to me on his New Denon Stereo system in 1962. Since then My mother, father and me liked to spend time on this LP.. Last week I opened a NOS LP of this to show to my mother, we listened togther on this Whatever Lola wants, Misirlou, I surrender Dear, Tabu,The Breeze and I. I have never had such a good time with my mother... I knew waht she was thinking, my father that passed away in 1976.

If you have not listened to this LP, try to allow yourself to listen and sing with the Melody, and If you do not have a unused LP of this, Try to get one and play it... I am sure that you will love it.

9. Pink Floyd the Wall

This is a TAS listed LP with Japan pressing in 1979. The wall was a 21 Century movie, you could see most of the theme has been repeated been used thence after after this movie. The Songs was stunning, Impressive, impeccable and full of power, The Sturture of music arrangment and the recording is one of the example of Hi Fi demo.

10. Janos Starker The most beautiful Melodies

W.F.Bach: grave, Haydn: Divertimeno in D, Saint- Saens: The swan, Schubert: moment Musical, Schumann: Traeumerei...

11. Prokfiev Symphony No. 6 London Phiharmonic Orchestra by Walter Weller. Decca SXL6777. 1976.

Prokfiev started the sixth Symphony after 1945 Summer, he fell down some stairs and hurt his brian seriously. He could compose only 2 hours a day, until Feb, 1947. the Symphony was completed. The first Performance took place in Leningard on 11 Oct. 1947 with Eugene mravinsky conducting the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra. The Critics' intial response was favourbale but on 10 Feb. 1948 the Central Committee of the Communist Party denounced Prokfiev and other prominent Russian composers- Stostakovich, Khachaturian and Miaskovsky among them- for supposed of anti-Soviet practices in ther music. There is a lot of melody in the 6th Symphony. Compared with the warmth and optimistic fifth, however, it is a predominantly dark work. "We are now rejoicing in our magnificent victory,' Prokfiev explained, 'but thousands of us have beenleft with wounds that cannot be healed- health ruined for life, dear ones gone forever. We must not forget this'. That attitude did not find official favour at the time, but fortunately the 1948 decree was withdrawn ten years later and the Sixth symphony is now recognished in Russia as elsewhere as one of Prokfiev's most important works!

This LP is TAS listed as "Best of the Best"!

To be Continued!

21 Aug 2008

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