Friday, August 29, 2008

Calligraphy using Vintage Fountain Pen

This was the own hand writing by me in 1992, I was using a Waterman's 1925 Ripple 54 fountain Pen. it took me hours to write that...

I am a collector of Fountain pen.

My 5 favourite pen are:

Eversharp Doric 1933 and Pencil set in Burma- USD2,000.00

Waterman Patrician 1930 in Turquoise- USD2,400.00

Waterman 1910-1912 Cardinal Red Filigree 452 pen- USD1,500.00
Sheaffer 1959 PFM The Pen For Man- USD400.00

Parker T1 1971 entire pen was made of Titanium, rare!- USD3,000.00

The price are estimated figure for mint condition.

Good friend of mine, TK Lee is the No. 1 Pen collector in HK, he is now settling in Singapore...

Other Pen collector Stephen Ho, Hung , Raymond Wong, Paul Wat ...still quite active ...

We used to have a pen club Hi tea at 1600-1800 at Pacific Place, you are welcome to join us as to share your pen and watches...experience, information exchange, it is Fun!

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