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Note that your power amplifier may have many fuses inside the chassis: the High tension protection fuse, Low tension protection fuse, the Mains transformer fuse which is usually mounted externally on the back side of the equipment cover. Then passing the long cable 6-8' into the power distribution board or box, then the box will be going into the mains at wall with an additional 13A fuse, Both Singapore and HK....are using 13A fuse as BS standard.
Estimated that there will be a series of fuses going from the Wall to the Plate or so call Anode of the Power Vacuum tube no matter 6550, KT88, 300B, 6V6, 6LG6....
The characteristics of a fast response fuse is to have certain resistance that when certain rated current passing through, the resistance will create certain power applying the Ohm's Law I.I.R. which usually having positive resistance temp coefficient means when the current passing through, then the Power dissipated will generate heat and the resistance becoming higher to generate more heat energy until certain point that the fuse wire melts and open the circuit. The function of the fuse is to protect the system and the fuse is CHEAPEST way to perform this job. So Friends of mine came to my pigeon hole to listen to my system and they are so surprised that how come such a small loudspeaker 4.5" can have that kind of real punch??
The secret is the fuse. of course the power cable is another magic which I will talk about it later. I do By pass all fuse except one on each of the component! I use pure 5N copper (99.999% Cu, lathed to the right size and then substitute the original 13A (A twenty cents Fuse) on your Power Plug....
And friends of mine even replacing all fuses with these super no-fuse and they enjoy so much in doing so because the sound is fuller and more punch is obtained from the system.
I am planning to start running out some and Likely if you want send me a mail and tell the number you want and we will work out price to cover the cost. More will be better as it will be cheaper.... More important is the plating, we are working with Palladium plating at about 2 microns to ensure that can last and be gripped in position without oxidation.
We will make some SEM picture Edax on the Copper purity and possible give you some more reference later.
Anyway, we should make an announcement that this is taken as a volunteer basis as removing fuse is not against the law but it is not too safe, I recommend you to leave at least one FUSE (Good FUSE) in the system...

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