Friday, August 1, 2008

Power Cable for Your Audio Equipment

We have been working on a Power cable, and I am sure I have at least three of them being using in my equipment.
The background of this cable is:

Hand Made in HK,
By an old master of 70's years old, alone!
Good music knowledge and Appreciator for LP!
Limited Production,
Long delivery time!

They have been used in at least 2 famous Hi Fi Shops for boosting up the performance of the great equipment they are selling: German Top CD player, Top US Power amp, US and British loudspeakers...Etc

The performance of the cable is definitely superb and able to beat many of top line in the market at a price of 20% of the good stuff available in market. Sorry that I can not mention any names here, partly this is a matter of the listening and the level experience of us that judges... and this is not fair to other to other makers at all,So if you are interested in listening it and once it happens that you come to stopover HK, Call me and I will show you around on how powerful of the cable is. And we can compare, I am preparing one and I will show you in Singapore! Who will be coming for HK Hi Fi show? Let me know.

HK Snob

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