Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Model Employee

If you agree to carry the calf, they will make you carry a cow.

This sentence carries two meanings;
If once you know that you can carry certain responsibility and that is within your capability, then there is always s way that your management team or your boss will top up some more works on to your shoulder. So if you think positively, you would be glad to take the responsibility, sooner later you will be doing more advanced work than you are supposed to handle. This can be a very natural move for your boss to promote you when the time comes.

GIE, Global Integration Enterprises which means that we have to select the best people in the right place at the right time for the best benefit of the company. If this GIE meets the right proactive staff, the promotion is just within days to come!

See yourself as the valuable person you are. Leave all inhibitions behind. If
you feel inferior to your coworkers or supervisors, your meek attitude will
top you from shining.. Before heading out to work, look at yourself in the
mirror and have a long conversation with yourself. Speak positive
affirmations about yourself and your life. Do it every morning and feel the
energy of success seep into your entire being. Some successful executive
has to listen to his favourite music before leaving for office. He may read a
chapter of his favourite book.

Recognize your own worth and visualize yourself succeeding beyond your
wildest dreams. In your mind, form a clear picture of where you would like
to be, of where you would be the happiest. Do you want to work behind a
desk; do you want a position in marketing, in Sales or service team
member? If you can visualize it in your mind before it ever comes to pass,
you can achieve it. Because your level of expectancy will be higher, you will
be charged with more energy to accomplish what you want.

Your boss always pick up some of your error and mistake, do not be
frustrated as that is your strength, he sees your strength and he can only
find mistake on your strength. If you feel frustrated on that you are totally
wrong…you should be happy with that. As you boss is trying to make
you perfect! As you know there is never any perfect staff nor executive.
JFK is blamed to be having no much experience and he was the
youngest president at that time, but his strength is having a passion to
be serving the people, the country and all these good basic requirement
to be a a good president.

Let go of the fear of success. Too often, our inner voice haunts us with
negative messages, such as "you will lose all your friends if you get
promoted, you will never be able to handle all the responsibility, and you
don't have enough education." Don't give in to the fear. Replace every
negative thought with positive thoughts, such as, "I am able, I am
equipped, I have what it takes to accomplish my dreams, I have the right
to be successful, I am not afraid, I am powerful, I can do."

How to control stage fear, see the past presidents, most of the had to
face with these issues, but they have his own way to solve the problem
and turn this to be a power tool for attracting the audience

These are the few ways
Deep breath before you start the first few word. Look at the people
forehead, half an inch above their eyes middle of forehead, to them he
see you have a close eye contact, to you, you could feel more easily to
wait for the stage fear to go away in few seconds to a minute… after
that, nothing is difficult.

Hold something in your palm, like a paper clip, one coin; you can be
more focus in your speech. Beware not to make any noise from it.
Try to perform rehearsal in your material in advance is very important
and helpful
The audience is all on your side they do no want to see you to have
good presentation… so you do not have to worry too much they will give
you a difficult question.

Don't wait until you are in a better position to change your behaviour.
Always try to do more is the way to get people to like you more. Do it
now so your supervisors can take notice of you and promote you when a
new position opens up. Take initiative.
Take an inventory of your personal appearance. Is your hairstyle
Appropriate, is your new hair colour a culture of the company? Are your
clothes neat and pressed, is your posture stooped, giving you the look of
defeat and fear? Make necessary changes so you can project a
confident image.

Remember, you may not feel confident, but you can act confident. With time, your fear will be replaced with genuine confidence.

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