Sunday, September 21, 2008

Citizen Hotel Amsterdam

This is a new hotel opened in April 2008, running by CitizeM group.
There is no staff for check in, and self check in is required. There is a bar serving sandwiches, Sushi, Cakes and drinks on 24 hours but quite expensive.
A bottle of orange juice and two slices of bread plus one coffee costed me Euro45.00!
A Fully customizable hotel concept 'One Star is Born' (OSIB) designed for hotel company citizenM.

The solution puts the consumer at the heart of the hotel experience and enables the hotel owner to optimize their operating costs.

(RFID, WIFI, Ethernet, VOIP, Ethernet) technologies
Philips expects the concept has potential for use in a variety of other environments, including businesses, hospitals or even nursing homes.
The heart of control portable interface "Moodpad"
The mood light lamps are all Luxeons LEDs.
Simplicity benefits for the hospitality industry in addition to the benefits to guests
Offer hotel staff and owners an integrated solution that can deliver cost savings of up to 50% due to a remote maintenance system.
The RFID enabled self-check-in and check-out service
During the next stay, the key will recall the set-up programme for last visit for room temp, TV Channel selection and ligthing preference...
Cleaning personnel can work more efficiently as the house keeping status of a room is automatically communicated to a central office.
Remote monitoring checks ensure all equipment in the room is working and confirms the availability of room accommodation.
100% running on Philips Products, including door Key, SSL, LCD TV, door sensor, window control, Air con sensors and Remote Control
It is very convenient and it is just 6 minustes walking distance to the Amsterdam air port
It is around 90 Euro for one night!
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