Monday, September 15, 2008

Preserved Bean curb

Preserved Bean Curd
We can call this is some kind of Chinese Cheese! a Fermented or preserved bean curd. You can find jars of it in many Asian food groceries. There are a multitude of brands. This stuff comes in a jar, containing bean curd chunks shaped like cubes, immersed in a liquid base . Some of them have chili added and some do not. This stuff is definitely not suited for most American palates, and the mere sight and odor of it grosses most people out. Also, I have never seen it offered at any Chinese restaurant. That is a very good ingredient for deep fried Kang Kung, or a sauce for the clay pot Mutton serving hot pot.

I am afraid that can be one of the fussion food for Amercian and some European, as it has some of the special taste and palate like the fremented Swiss cheese. It really adds a lot of flavor. And I discover that this is a real good food when you want to clear your bowel, take wiht with plain porridge, two times a day, dinner is better. Within two weeks, your body will becoming lighter and fresher. Why, beacuse you reduce the amount of potient, reduce oily stuff, and porridge help to clean the bowel. it was best served with a plate of Fried egg with "Choi Po"!

Have any of you ever developed a fondness for this little known but wonderful condiment? If you have, is there a particular brand name that you prefer over the others... yes, Liu Ma Kee, I was told that is best and in fact, well, the most expensive one...This bottle is HKD29.00 in some market at Tsuen Wan, which is almost two times more expensive than other brand...try to explore more great favour starting from this Perserved bean curb!

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