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Top 10 Luxury Brands in Asia

Subjugation Period
Hong Kong has gone through phases of economic development in the past 50 years as…after being invaded by the Japanese Ronjin during WW II. A lot of construction required man power. At same time, ten thousands of people were rushing across the border into Hong Kong in 50’s. There was an unpublished rule that once if you could reach Tai Po or south of it. You would be granted the right to stay in Hong Kong…!

These were the first few large batches of man power helping Hong Kong to establish an Electronics, building and construction industry in 60’-70s. Peoples were diligent, hard working and eager to learn or they could not be competitive as the local Hong Kong peoples. They were able to adapt to the fast growing pace and ever-changing society. They could easily transform themselves as chameleon does in the desert area for being treated as dim sum by snakes in camouflage, changing forms of business such as OEM, tool fabrication support for bigger factory, changing themselves to adapt new wages level that go par with the improving standard of living.20 years ago, Hong Kong started shifting the manufacturing faculties to China and now more than 95% f their factories are in China to enjoy the low manufacturing cost. And there is over 8 millions of working force running in Shenzhen for the Hong Kong companies now!

Start of money
Hong Kong’s industry was leap frog well entrenched growth of double digits of export in 70’s and 80’s every year. Siliconix, Motorola, EDL were some of the early semiconductor factories in the Kwun Tong and Kwai Fong area respective. They hired a lot of engineers, technicians, and operators to support the manufacturing operation. ASM was one of the most successful establishments in the 1975 to support the Electronics assembly automation! At that period, more and more people earned by starting numerous small and mid scale enterprises are in HK…More universities were being developed in terms number of enrolling student and set-up more ruminative package for more professional expertise in to provide better education for the higher management and engineering requirement of the commercial and industrial entrepreneurs. Speculated investor poured money into Real estate markers.
A lot of construction works was been carried out at that period of time. Heavy invested construction Cross harbor Tunnel was completed in 1972, first MTR mass transit system was completed in 1979. Central landmark of circular window and pillar-less Jardines House stood up right in front of the Queen’s Pier in 1970. Jardine House (Chinese: 怡和大廈), formerly known as Connaught Centre (康樂大廈), is an office tower in Hong Kong. The building is located at No.1 Connaught Place, Central on the Hong Kong Island. It is owned by Hongkong Land Limited, a subsidiary of Jardines. At the time of its completion in 1972, Jardine House was the tallest building in Hong Kong and in Asia in 1980.

Show off period
In the 80’s and 90’s people of Hong Kong are all having only one thing in their mind” Money”. Most of them is dreaming to be coming rich in one night… still can recalled than young students got crazy of Swatch collection and trade. They can queue at Swatch shop for 48 hours waiting for the limited Swatch one sales …especially those on St-valentines and Christmas special. Afterward, immediate sales can be made to others at 3-5X more!
Hong Kong was experienced the fastest growing economics at that time ; engineers are no longer eager to stay in one company, head hunter, job search, buy and sell stock are the things they involved party, directly or indirectly.

Fit it
HK people were proud of their wealth and be forgetful on the stock nightmare of 1973, 1987, 1997, 2003. Though, the significant influence some of the top 20% richest people does not have any hesitation to spend money on these extravagant items like Lamborghini, Porches, Rolex, Patek Philips, Mark Levinson, Rockport as Hong Kong People favourite buying list.

Mix and match
Free Newspaper is stuffing ads into our mind. The singers, movie stars and celebrities are in fact moulding youngster’s preference in brand selections
Group 18-40 is the 80% market of the consumer goods. 80% of the people using the branded stuffs are honest followers on those rich and famous in this small City. They feel being respected or can achieve certain kind of social satisfaction as consent from the snobs.

No question why you could see lot of Monogram hand bag could be found in the train… I have seen 5 Rolex Explorer II in MTR train Section, probably the largest number of Rolex in 10 square metres in the world!
So I never dare to ware these kind of Expensive cloths Amani, LV…on the other hand, I would prefer to custom made short and trousers…Which is the only way It can be fitted perfectly on my tiny short body grown out of proportions.

Way of life.
I am sick to see baggy jeans(賴屎褲), with heavy shinning Stainless steel chain linking between the jean and the pocket behind… wearing oversized T-shirt, ring on his tongue and eye lips, Tattoo on his bonny skeleton arms…carrying burning cigarettes? This is just rebelliousness on his thoughts and a demonstration to the public that they are of some difference only!
The way of life of most of Hong Kong people is typical Hong Kong, very Hong Kong…money minded, narrow minded and limited vision towards international politics. The major topics in the tea house of MTR are yesterday soap TV story endings…Who is going to marry to the diamond bachlor of the Lee’ family. However this the powerful generation that spend on these luxury brands
Who had such a carelessness being pictured at a love hotel by Apple’s paparazzi? How much they have earned from the stock market yesterday. What is the trend of PSP new games for young boys. How to date a China man in Shenzhen for some Hong Kong single ladies!

Asia top ten
These are the statistical telling us these are the top ten brand and label of all in Asia...
1. LV
2. Rolex
3. Cartier
4. Gucci
5. Burberry
6. Hermes
7. Chanel
8. Prada
9. Tiffany
10. Armani

One from USA, 2 from Italy, one from Switzerland, One from UK, 4 from France. Nothing from Hong Kong…. I am not trying to emphasis on these brands, but they do have certain good quality and good reputation from their customer! Happy Shopping!

Well, I am going to prepare a Top Three brands of Hong Kong….likely will be one of the following will be included MTRC, Octopus card system and ASM!

“Source of the Top Ten was published in “The Cult of Luxury brand”
Radha Chadha and Paul Husband
Nicholas Brealey Publishing

14 Sep 2008

Mid Autumn Festival

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