Saturday, September 20, 2008

My handphones

Handphone has changed the life of the human beings, and that is one of the most important invention in the 20 Century, like LED which I will talk about it in another topic.

I started using handphone in 1991 that was the Motolora Micro T.A.C. At that time you did not need to go to the phone shop for shopping instead the sales lady would come to you office, bring you the phone, get it paid by cash or Credit card and teach you how to use the phone.

Nowadays, the world has changed as the profit margin is not as high as those days, I remember that I spent HKD14,300 for the Morolora and joined the monthly plan of HKD400 dollar for 100 minutes... That was expensive!

The favouite brand is Nokia and I could see that Nokia would be the rising star once I saw the banana shaped 6110 model, which was having innovative design and great user-friendiness software.

I have iPhone first gerneratioon 4G version , there is some limitation besides the new feature that no Nokia phone can not offer. But Still Nokia is my favourite choice, I am waiting for the N96!
You know waht was Nokia original business?
Lumbering and export to the former USSR, but to to break down of the Russian empireiinto smaller countries, Nokia's CEO in one day came out with a proposal for changing the whole company business direction from Lumbering to Communications.... and since then ...with sweat and a lot of new idea and effort plus their good manufacturability... now Nokia has been at the Top 1 handphone supplier position for the past ten years!

The story I learned from this is that we have to dare to change with comprehensive survey and planning for next future or the company will fall if they can not maintain the expected profit of the share holder!! But who has the gut to take the Change?
I am using N95 now and I am looking for N96! I like Nokia as they are great phone, they have a very special reliability in building the phone. They use the latest technology in making their phone. For example, they put underfill material under every Flip Chip ICs, that incur higher manufacturing cost, but that will help to build a solid phone for withstanding vibration and the Underfill is a very good conductor for heat energy generated by the Hi speed Chips....
20 Sep 2008 Sat 1026.


Anonymous said...

Paul, why your iphone is not posted?
What's your latest phone now?

Fever Ip said...

who is this?
I am using Nokia N95 and I am waiting to N96 from Nokia...

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
手機的角色是什麼? 是攝影機?是隨身聽?是私隱公開器?

Fever Ip said...

Hi Rebecca,
The usage of Hand phone are:
To communicate with people.
To Established a close contact wiht some body.
To use as a memory device.
To Keep spending your time and energy to work on the set-up right until the change of another new phone.
To provide means for you to capture the moment of life by its smart camera.
To show off you are the rich owner of top phone for certain people but not me!
To show your taste and life style