Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Best Roasted Pig in Hong Kong

This is the shop called "Wing Hop Lung" where the best Roasted pig can be found there.

Rome was not build in one day, they have been running business for many years.

By Analysis the success , we can say that mainly they use the best quality material.

They do not use frozen pork, they have a good selection of pig of the right size and age, good reliable supply from China.

They do not have franchised shop, so that they can keep monitor and control the quality best they can.

Address: Right at the Prince Edward MTR station exit to North exit near Prince Edward Police station. 20 metres away from the MTR exit right near the fast food shop Cafe de Coral.

The taste of the roasted pig is crunchy skin of right thickness, the meat consists of the right proportion of the meat and fat layers. The fat layer is a bit transparent, and the meat is juicy and not having thew at all. I believe you need to try out the best taste of Roasted Pig on Earth.

Be sure to allow time to buy as sometimes we have to wait a queue!

Bon appetite!

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