Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flextronics Recognized for its “Employee Care” Efforts in China

Flextronics is a good CSR Company model and it was selected winner of the prestigious Golden Bee Award that recognizes a company for protecting the rights and interests of its employees while promoting career progression opportunities.
Out of about 1,200 submissions, only 350 local & international companies were nominated. Flextronics emerged to win the “Employee Care” category. The prestigious award was organized by WTO Tribune, a publication that focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility research and training. The award was also co-sponsored by the Society of HR Management (SHRM), CSR Europe, and Japan's Council for Better Corporate Citizenship.
Flextronics was selected based on its successful partnership with the Culture and Communications Center for Facilitators (CCCF), a local non-governmental organization (NGO). The collaboration aims to help China's migrant workers discover and fulfill their potential and aspirations, overcome the challenges from living and working in a new environment, and come up with effective ways for meeting their emotional and developmental needs. The CCCF also aims to help migrant workers develop self-respect, dignity, and a sense of belonging; so they can be empowered to develop the means to reach their aspirations and to contribute to their communities.
The award was received by Richard Wong, VP of Global CSR and Employee Relations. "I am proud to be on the stage with the world renowned companies such as Tyco, Intel, Emerson, Bank of China, BASF and Standard Chartered Bank. This prestigious award is a testament to our efforts in delivering our corporate social responsibility promise to build communities inside and around Flextronics to ensure a sustainable environment." Richard said.
Flextronics is the World 2nd EMS after Foxconn, running 40B revenue a year. The have about 150,000 staff, the largest one is in Doumen of Zhu Hai, about 50,000 workers scattered 20 buildings. They are the Contract manufacturer for Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Nokia, Motolora, X-box, Sony Ericsson…etc. Flextronics Management is quite Open to all kind of talent from all races, they promote multi national harmony. They have staff from USA, Europe, India, China, Malaysia and wouldn’t be surprise that they may overtake Foxconn in one day to become the world’s largest EMS company AGAIN.

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