Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What man does not like about woman.

1. Women pretending they are chaste.

2. Women criticize other females negatively.
3. Women’s jealousy.
4 Man To be treated as an emotional support besides a financial supporter.

5. Man being suspected has the third one.

6. Women want all the spare time of their men to be devoted to them only.
7. Women’s emotionality.
8 .Women’s never-ending shopping.

9. Women’s talkativeness.

10. Women demonstrates their superiority over men.

11. Women’s fake orgasm.

This is my personal thought about what man dislikes about woman...and of course, nobody is perfect, and partners should learn to compromise and be patient toward each other.

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi Fever,

我自己都曾經犯過部份! 女人的弱點嘛!

曾經聽說女士在一間店舖逗留三小時! 那男朋友真慘!!

花園街商店門外經常見到男士苦候. 他們可會互問:老友你等咗幾耐?

男士有男士去看電腦,電子產品. 女士有女士去買衫,買鞋. 各得其所, 大家開心! 別傻著要對方相伴, 苦了大家!


但她們的講價能力教你寫個服字! 就說昨天, 一婆婆在佳x超市買餘下的牛筋, 店員秤得價錢是$46.60-. 婆婆兩度講價, 結果$38成交! 我可沒這個膽量議出這個價錢啊! 這一方面, 你又是愛是恨呢?

人打從出生便是要不斷學習, 好好克服自己的弱點, 修繕自己的人生!

C9 CaCa

Feverip said...

Hi Caca,

let's think in another way, we may need to learn from those women, they can spend 10 minutes to negotiate for less 2 dollars as discount, Check for three supermarkets for price comparison!

Pay for HKD$4,000 for Yoka Yoka annual package in order to save a few hundred dollars monthly membership fees.

Unluckily someone is almost exactly the same as woman like her in as senior executives, spend HKD$50,000.00 to save HKD$200.00!

I appreciate for their patience!

Thank God that the Director of Inland Revenue Department is not a LADY...