Sunday, May 30, 2010


I feel a bit guity to own this piece of toy though it is wonderful to play with as There are made entirely by Foxconn. There were12 lives committed suicide in this company in Long Hua Foxconn factory in Shenzhen this year partly due to stress, pressure on thir work, partly due to their inmature thought about human relationship handling as they are all Post 80's youth. Hope that they lives of these 11 Peoples (1 of them survived) would ring up the bells of Foxconn Top management seriously looking into improvement on the working environment and would reduce the long working hours! Foxconn Taiwan is the work No,1 largest EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) in the world, they have probably 800,000 staff with factoris in Shenzhen Yantai, Shan Shi, Chung Xiang, manuacturer for Apple, Dell and Nokia products...followed by Flextronics Singapore, Jabil USA... HK Snob


Sean said...

Hi there Paul,

my brother bought one of these last friday. They are an amazing piece of tech! I love the reading - magazine and comic apps. This machine may bring on a reding evolution. Sad to hear about the deaths at the tech developer. It is a complete waste of precious life. The ibook is fantastic but I feel to world could have done without it if it had saved teh lives of those workers.

Feverip said...

Hi Sean, the EMS company had announced the raise of 30% salary to those workers, believed that there are at least 300,000 workers are being beneficted in this rescue action from the company. Hope that the workers would have a better working enviornment and being treated with respects