Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rolex, ST Dupont and Montagut, the Survival kit for HK Snob in 80's

I am afraid most of the post 50s’ will understand these three brands in Hong Kong…
Well, we can see that these are the most prominent men’s item or accessories for those snobs in the 80’s.
Rolex watch , Dupont lighter, Dupont slim ball pen and a Montagut shirt was once the most popular wearing for cheap snob in Hong Kong in the 80’s.

We call these “Life –Saving-Three-Treasures” in a Hong Kong Colloquial way. This was the survival kits when they lost money in Macau casino as they could turn their Rolex and Dupont Lighter in the pawn shop in front of the casino and they could immediately enter the casino to try the luck again.

Rolex is durable, even it was dropped, it would not likely go damages, thanks for the good Rolex double shock absorber for protection.
Dupont lighter was popular with the famous Crystal clear “Ding” when the lighter is open with click if your fingers, as in the night club or so called the Fish-Ball-Club, it was dim, no one could see you were using a gold plated Lighter, but once they could hear the Ding” well, it was the Dupont lighter. You know that those street side watch smith had to know how to tune up the Sound of the Dupont to be louder and more clearer… this is an Symbol for being a Snob!
Montagut, a French knitting wear a Polo like Tee-shit claimed to be using the latest knitting technology that it does not wrinkle, as you know at that time those snobs did not know even if they had tomorrow again. They would go for street fighting and the blood of their enermy might stain on his shirt, they could just wash it under water and hang it up wait for overnight and they could wear again next morning.

These kind of snob earned a living either from the dirty money of the prostitutes, gambling, and drugs trafficking, fighter for the black society, street fighter...

Of course I may be a bit talking over he line that there may have certain decent gentlemen dressed up with these items.. but god knows, at that period of time, people are money-minded, they look at your accessories displayed on your body to determine your income status.
 So what is the most popular Rolex for them, a boy-sized two tone, yellow gold and stainless steel version, best is embedded with some small diamond at the dial, the brownish red dial is the best seller at that time… it was about HKD$1,980 in 1976 and HKD$9,600 in 1986.

Only the head man in charge of the gangster could afford to use a Rolex Date Day yellow solid gold watch,,, well of course they do not have the culture to wear what so call Audemars Piguet or any Patek Philippe! No way…no one recognized it at all!

Dupont lighter is the standard large size gold plated one. As they never use silver as they are classified “ Cheap” it was selling about HKD$900.00 for gold plated and HKD$500 for Silver. No one could afford to use Solid gold Dupont as the Sound is not beautiful…

Dupont pen will be something like the attached picture shown, slim one, ball pen of course.
This is one of the Fashion wear of the HK Snob bewteen 1976-1986….

HK Snob

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