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Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bangkok

One of Mandarin Oriental's flagship properties: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, has been a favorite of the elite since 1876. In 2006, the grand dame of the Chao Phraya River underwent a face-lift. The new spa is known as one of the best in the world and the facilities have been updated to include: a large gym, tennis, squash, and two outdoor swimming pools.

All of the 393 fresh rooms are assigned with personal butlers. Visitors should not miss high-tea in the Author’s Wing, a meal at one of the eight famous restaurants, taking a class in Thai cooking/culture, or watching the sunset from the Veranda. Wireless internet, business center, meeting rooms, secretarial and concierge services, make for an efficient as well as luxurious experience. A proprietary boat shuttles patrons 5-mins to the sky train as well as sights along the river. A stay at the opulent Mandarin Oriental never disappoints, and has you wanting to come back.


When Siam opened up to foreign trade after the signing of the Bowring Treaty the sailors that populated the ships which conveyed this trade though Bangkok required accommodation on shore. To meet this demand Captain Dyers, an American and his partner J.E. Barnes opened a hotel called the Oriental Hotel. This burnt down in 1865.
Several years later a partnership of Danish captains opened a replacement hotel. In the 1970’s the board of the Oriental Hotel decided with the opening of the new River Wing, upon 1876 as the official establishment date of the Oriental Hotel.

The number of staff is two times number of the guests. Rumour said that the front desk officers can call your name in the second time you make a visit to this Hotel!

The hotel is a favorite of celebrity visitors to Bangkok. Joseph Conrad, Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward Graham Greene, John le Carré, Barbara Cartland, and James A. Michener are amongst the famous authors who have stayed at the Oriental.
Other famous guests have included Neil Armstrong, Lauren Bacall, George H. W. Bush, Jacques Chirac, Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, Václav Havel, Audrey Hepburn, Mick Jagger, Henry Kissinger, Helmut Kohl, David Beckham, Niki Lauda, Sophia Loren, Yehudi Menuhin, Richard Nixon, Pelé, Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Omar Sharif and Elizabeth Taylor. And Of course Fever Ip, his beloved Poo, and his Pretty daughter Pat. I like the river side, one trivial defect is that their choice of wine is not a complete as Shangari-la's French Restaurant "Lafifte " in K.L.Scott Boone, noted jet setter and photographer is rumored to have stayed there.

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