Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Scene at the City Corner

This is a bad year and a lot of people begs for a living.

In Hong Kong, we can see a lot of foreign beggars who work in certain season such as Christmans, Easter and Chinese New Year. they may earn HKD200-600 a day depending on your location and your Make Up!

Not too bad as a part time job provided you had a place to stay as Hotel in Hong Kong is expensive!

This is a dramatic picture sent from Simon... Look at the Cat!!

What a movie star she is and what a team work they are!


Anonymous said...

隻貓好假!似是合成的. 個晝面好抵死!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caca, Definitely that was a fake cat, but the scene was cute and funny, They look to me poor and needed help!