Friday, April 3, 2009

Nardin Smart phone without Battery

Nardin was famous for their Maritime time piece for vessel. And recently they made quie a number of good watch, Nardin is also famous for their limited hand drawn Enamel dial watch.

This might be the reason why Ulysse Nardin, worldwide popular wristwatch manufacturer, has decided to apply some of their technologies to bright future mobile phones, notably a kinetic winder.Kinetic winder as a great thing really.

It is a mechanism that allows wristwatch to work even without a battery in it. Inside of it there is a pendulum that spins as your hand moves through the day and develops amount of energy enough for the watch to work.

This mechanism was put into a mobile phone by Ulysse Nardin together with SCI Innovations and the concept will be presented at Baselworld 2009 under name "Chairman". Chairman smartphone will also feature sophisticated designer's work and handmade quality - aspect guaranteed by Ulysse Nardin specialists.


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