Monday, April 13, 2009

Restoran kapitan Penang

This was highly recommended by friends in Penang more than two times for their Indian Curry dishes and Tandori Chicken. We had a visit there last Thursday. The food was delicious but I think "Bombay" in Tsim Sha Tsui could be even better but the prics is aorund 7 times more expensive! Guess that A group of 4 had each a Tandori Chicken sst dinner and 4 drinks, it was only RM38.8, that is about HKD86.00!

That is why the restaurant is so busy and was been packed with people Chinesee, Malay and Indian...

It is just opposite Queensbay.

Address: 898 Persiaran Bayan Bay Baru, Penang.


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