Monday, April 13, 2009

Virtue of goodness

No one will escape the death, what the best to thing about what was we have done?Well in one day we will face with this issue, no matter you is the CEO of a company, or President the country.

You are neither a better nor worse person for the sorts of car you drive, the size of your house, the rank in the company nor the performance of your mutual funds
Remember what really matters in your life?

Imagine that today is your last day on Earth. Now make a list of things that you have accomplished, all the things that you are proud of, all the things that make you happy

Is that your have bought the Daytona Paul Newman 1957 watch at Christie, find a near mint Royal Ballet LP from eBay? You can have luck and cash to buy your best beloved number “HK1” for your car? Porsche has a plan to deliver your new grey silver Porsche Cayenne? Or a chance that the super model in Hong Kong in inviting you for a dinner at Restaurant?

I do not think so, may be you feel regret that you have not forgotten to forgive one of your friends who has been betrayed by you.

You did not return the money that you borrowed from your good friend who may be selling one of his properties for supporting you.

When a successful aerospace engineer (Will Smith) accidentally kills seven other including his beloved wife, in an accident, he did not find a better ways to set things right than to enhance the lives of those deserving stranger.

He sets our to find the recipients good enough for this seven Pound of his fresh!
But he falls in love, he is faced with dilemma in such a selections.
It is a touching movie as we see on either that there are such kind of decent people who can offer such gravitas, may not be great Oscar nomination, but soon you will discover that some one in life happy endings comes with a dreadful cost..

My question is there really such kind of people on Earth, my answer is yes. There may have alternate way to help people, Bill gate donates most of his fortune to help the other.
There is a great contracditcion for the Chinese or Hong Kong Chinese who can have such virtue to help others. But all in different way to make his target achieved, helping people is one of the deeds that offer us a way cherish our heart.

There is a lot of rich people, amongst the Run Shaw is the one I respect most in Hong Kong, any that is one of the reasons may be he deserve such a long life, He was borne din 1907. Over the years, he has donated billions of dollars to charity, schools and hospitals. His name is on many buildings in Hong Kong and China mainland due to his generous donations.

The fourth constituent college of the collegiate Chinese University of Hong Kong is also named after Sir Run Run, whose patronage made the establishment of the college possible.
He donated $100 million Hong Kong Dollars for disaster relief after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. He has not the top richest ten nor even hundred people in Hong Kong, but the share of his donation is probably the No.1 in Hong Kong. Will that be a positive tuition to those who are so much reluctant to donate…?

In the Suchuan donation Faye Wong donated HKD6,000,000.00 where’re more richer people like two of the top 4 King singers had a donation on HKD100,000.00. Well we can not measure one good virtue! If everyone does their best that will be changing the world.

The Hong Kong economy is struggling at it down turn, and imagine the top 100 richest people could donate 30% of each of their properties, the Hong Kong will be changed. As 30% of their properties will not change or degrade on their standard of living, as the former secretary of treasurer said, you do not feel you own the money until you spend it…

What is the difference of spending 1B USD and 10B USD… in Arithmetic’s illustration, that is 10 times in value. But for spending, I do not see anything much different!


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