Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hai Boey Sea Food

There is a small open air restaurant at the beach of Pinang, just 20 minutes form the town.

Located at 29, Mk-9 Pasir Belanda , Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Pulau Pinang.
The Sea foond restaurant srves all the common sea food cooking with some Pinang favour.
The Prawn rice noodle is fantastic, soft and tender, a reat good taste of Wok cooking!

The Food was not exensive, we took a steam fish, a steamed Crab, and Mentis Prawn, Chilli fried potato leaves, Chill Bamboo clams, Rice noodle with fried prawn and two big bottles of Carlberg beer for three persons... The bill was Rm176.00!

Fun to see the sunset view and probably the only one in the world: a beautiful fish corner covered with sealed glass as the Pee Basin! A bit unrespect to the beautiful fish!


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