Sunday, April 26, 2009

Laurei Redstaurant at Lo Woo Commercial Centre

Laurei is likely the best Cantonese Dim Sum Restaurant at Lo Wo Commercial Centre Shenzhen.
Dim Sum is more fascinative than those in Hong Kong as they may have 40 Dim Sum masters where as in we have only 4-6 in Restaurants Hong Kong of Similar scale.
The Roasted goose was no good at all, the meat is dried and tough, those Roasted Goose in Hong Kong is much better, like those House Jasime, Yung Key and Nang Key in Sham Tseng.
The choice and taste of Tea is much better than those mid-level restaurant in Hong Kong.
Price of the food is the price of a mid-higher grade Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong.
After the lunch take a free shutle at the Lo Wo Bus station to nearby spa for a couple of professional would remove all sorts of nuiance, over stretched muscle after days tiresome dog's life in Hong Kong.

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