Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dynasty Restaurant will close the business 1st March

We had a probably the last visit to this most famous restaurant in Kowloon, as they will close their business due to the landlord Mr. Cheng would demolish the Hotel Renaissance by 1st of March, looking for more prominent profit after a new much taller hotel would be completed in two years time.
Today will be the last say of service of Dynasty restaurant after servicing for 28 years, in Hong Kong Servicing most of the exacting guest, celebrities, movies stars and singers, tourists and HK Snob which used to be their regular guests.

Surprisingly, the tables were not full yesterday we can see 80% tables were occupied by Japanese ladies, locals, foreigners, a Table occupied by family of Martin C.M. Lee, the founding Chairman (1994-2002) of the Democratic Party of HK.

We said Good bye and exchanges of our hand phone with most of the people there such that we will meet them somewhere in Hong Kong. They would like to seek this opportunity to take a short break before the next job. Jacky, Peony, Mira, Chuen and Ryan...etc.

We had a plate of the HK’s best Char Siu, some Tou Miu which was selling HKD$100 a catty last week, Chinese new year, beef and Asparagus, Scallop and egg, a soup and A bottle of wine presented from the San Francisco’s celebrity Samuel who just arrived HK from US.

We felt that taste of food was not as good as we used to take. Probably due to the departing atmosphere had already becoming the main theme yesterday.

HK Snob

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