Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Tragic Story

A tragic story behind one of the ten richest Countries in The World. There are a lot of grass-root class people in Hong Kong, about 1 million people is earning less than HKD$5,000 a month. With that kind of income, there is no way for them to afford staying in a better environment. That these southern Asian new immigrants, sex workers, aged watchman, worker in the restaurants and their monthly incoming is less than 6 thousand dollars only able to stay in some of the old and impaired buildings. Last day of January, in just 10 seconds without any warning in the afternoon, a 50 years old building collapsed and took away 4 lives. This Ma Tau Wei 45J building was the tomb of a boy named Ton Hing Sou, 20, under matriculation study….leaving her mother alone that had to weep all day for her lost son!

Mother of Sou brought his son to Hong Kong from China as to avoid the daily brutal slapping and insult of her husband who had had an affair with a new woman. Earning as little as HKD$2,000 a month for his son’s living. Sou studied hard, got the ranked of No.3 in class in the first examination in HK, he spend almost all his time at home in the tiny room of 200 square foot on 2nd floor, 45J for studies not to spend one dime from he mother. As next year he would have able to get to the final exam as an entry to the University, as a reward to her mother’s hardship struggling for a living in Hong Kong as a single family mother…Well, is he went put to play or to meet his friends, he would have avoids to be one of the victims…

In Hong Kong, if you are poor, you will always be poor, as the Government is ignoring those people living in Poverty, I had a story that a young kid had only HKD7.00 a month as his only money for food in School. Seven dollar a month is about USD$0.8, His wish is to enter MacDonald to have a Hamburger as he never had that in his life. This is Hong Kong.,, Who can imagine that there are people living in such poverty. The government spends billions dollars on certain kind of construction for beautifying the city, create something rose garden that they believe is good for Hong Kong in future under the objection of most of the average people. Except the handful of the tycoons of the construction firms which will be the definite only beneficiates. Some of the firms spend 4 -7 millions for the fireworks each as their brand name promotion….Christmas, New year, Chinese new year, 1st of July… and more…it could be. If I were the tycoons or the CEO of the companies, I think we can better utilize those money to help some of the poor people, who care how beautiful the fireworks it could be when our stomach had nothing for three days!?

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