Monday, February 15, 2010

Rich Chinese Marriage Ceremony

After 31 years of fast economy structual changes directed by Teng Xiao Ping's new economic reform, China has apparately said Good Bye to Poverty and becoming been richer starting from the Cities migrating into the subrural area.  Now, there is a new borne Millionaire in every minute....

Some of the people insert RMB$1,000 valued bank notes in every of his Lai Shi (Red Pocket money in Chinese new year) whilst being a HK Snob stays only at HKD$50-HKD$100! I still see some people putting HKD20.00 in their red pocket... This is a true Hang Seng Index to indicate how the average income status of Hong Kong people their Lai Shi.

The Empress Tower in New York will be opened and only Welcome Chinese to enter on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Australian Prime Minister and Obama spoke to their citizens in Chinese at this time of  New Year offering them good wishes and Luck in their countries.

Chinese should not be proud of themselves and should mantain our traditonal of diligent and hard working. Poverty is still a common national issue in China, for those who can spend millions dollar in the marriage is still the minority, we should not ignore that there are many people who has been suffering having no basic survival income.

I had experienced a few marriage ceremonies and non of them had a car nor dinner inviting friends at all. I had not taken any Marriage Photo with each them... May be I am the only one in HK! Don't learn from me as I am on the extreme side...A Nice Dinner with 5 of your good friends and a Marriage Photo is suggested for your Marriage!

Whilse you think marriage will be "Once in a life event", at least you would think that way before you put your signaure on the marriage certificate. But I tell you what, if you could find a girl who say will like to stay with you even though she knows you had wife and not bother the marriage at all under no condition...or will not leave you alone whilst you are broke and diabled. I think that is True Love! The rest of the marriage is a compromization of love, social pressure, family enforement, trade off and filtering of other of her boys friends and your Luck...Friend of mine said to me that he loves his wife and put the name of his flat under her names,
Well, I hope that he is right , but his chance to prosess his flat is less than 2%.

Wish all the people in dreams and all the lovers in Reality had found their True Love in the First Day of the Chinese New Year and St. Valentine's day that Happens to be on the same Day... next occassion like this would have to wait for 38 years.

HK Snob

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