Saturday, January 16, 2010

What I have Seen in MTR of Hong Kong

MTR is Hong Kong most effective mass transportation system. 60% of the people have been using it everyday. There is certain thing we should not do it in MTR...

I have been seeing people make mal-practice doing these things in the carriage of MTR.

Youngster and or flapper that tune up their MP3 to BROADCAST their lastest pop songs and music on their latest MP3 Player of Hand phone to catch attention.

Smoking in MTR, Well, I have seen it… he held the cigarette in his finger and smoke once in a while at the aft of the carriage of course that was non-peak hours.

Taking loudly as they do at home about nothing but gossiping. They seem enjoy talking loudly aiming to arouse the people interests in listening.

Testing his new hand phone ring tone while the phone was tuned up in high volume… That kind of things should be done at home...

Make up whiles she was sitting while she seemed enjoy on what she was doing, with swift and accurate make up skill with one hand, whilst the one holding the mirror…. I should say “You are Lucky Man” if you are her boy friends.

Peeping neighbouer’s news paper while he is holding newspaper of another type.

Cutting finger nails, Well, I have not seen cutting nail of their toes… so far!

Picking nose and pasted the treasure poop on to the hand rail…

Touching their hose always… oh I see, she is wearing a 4 carat diamond on her middle finger.. with their shining glitters!

Looking at me in 2 second and showed an un-friendly facial expression to tell me” Hey, Snob, stay away with my eye sight!” Well, it is natural for a snob like me to watch the lady with a bit special appearance. (Special, does not mean beautiful) Nothing was wrong… if you do not want people to look at you, stay home, or wear a mask to cover your face! Or do not look at me.

An otaku made a long kiss to a Pork Chop, they used to hide at the side of the door or the last carriage of the train.

Kid playing and talking loud inside the car, whiles their parents watching , and smiling but not stopping them.

Young kid of a about 2 years old might need to get a sudden poop, his mother made up her mind to place newspaper on the stainless still bench and prepared for is son to poop!!

The people around was shock!

Lastly, plesase use your hand to hold the rail...

*"Pork Chop" means "Ugly girl", a Hong Kong's slang!

HK Snob

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