Monday, January 25, 2010

Okamoto 0.02mm

Okamoto established the condom business since 1934 in Japan, being a market leader for 60's to 70's.
Okamoto entered the Market of Hong Kong in 1993. They made the world thinnest condom of 0.03mm in 2005, and last year.,.. wow, a new 0.02mm thick condom was introduced into Hong Kong Market.

It is a high technology product that cause you life!
I managed to buy one in Malaysia but i think only I could find 0.03mm in Penang, probably only available in Some shops only.

Well, in Hong Kong you can get it at Watson's or 7-11.  You have to try it as it really give you a feeling of almost naked!

But It is pity that Man of Hong Kong is classified bottom of the list of less frequent to have sex, with a figure of an average 2.5 times a month! Probably everyone is running for money and has No time to enjoy the pleasure of sex!

HK Snob

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