Monday, January 4, 2010

All About Luck

I had checked my passport expiry date somehow before very trip but not this one. But not this time....

The expiry date is 4 Jul and we should be safe of that is within 6 months before the expiry. Oh Man, I was sweating as Today is Jan 4…. Just OK and CX ground staff let me in at CX counter... Only I can fly today!

After the New Year holiday, there are a lot of student and people going back Malaysia. So the Flight was packed. At the departure lounge, the CX group staff told me my seat status would be changed… Bingo!…An  Upgrade to Business Class... I am one of the lucky ones!

On board the aircraft I met one CX staff sitting besdie me all the way to Penang, we had a good chat for hours, and I learnt a lot about CX whihc Something I guess I know but in fact no...and she told me if we do good things to the wife, we will be rewarded with good return.I will remember that words!

HK Snob

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