Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hong Kong Wedding Dinner

What do we eat in a Chinese Wedding Dinner!

During the wedding dinner, these are the standard menu:

A whole body of Roasted Pig with they eye made with flashing LEDs, that recall the horrible moment the pig was slaughtered and his eye tried open to see the last moment of this cruel world!

Shark Fin soup, that is still a standard dish for those people who marries but giving invitation card to the people to come to taste this shark fin… that recalled the terrible fisherman who cut the shark for their fin and drop the half death shark into the deep blue sea.

Then the couple will move around from the host table to the last table at the end of the hall to drink with you… a sip will do as they may be drink easily after 100 table of guests.

Most of the time, they take tea instead of Cognac. As they do not want to make another mistake that night to disgrace the guest, prior on that, they had mad the first mistake that caused the marriage!

Then usually will be abalone…in oyster sauce place on top of the white cabbage,

Most of the restaurant will use Calmex Abalone which is a product of Mexico

Those will lower budget will use Australian Abalone…usually the old or the young one will not bale to get ne piece of that as they use only one can of Abalone for one table.. Now a Can of Calmex Abalone is selling HKD$440.00 in retail store.

Steam fish with the traditional style, a lot of soya sauce and lot of sliced Chinese onion to cove the fishy smell.. As they might not very good quality fish…

A piece of Roasted Chicken…this will be never be missed as Chicken is being the standard for dinner for thousand years!

Some of them will put prawn deep fried and served with some simple vegetable

Then followed by Fried rice and fried noodle to fill up your stomach, such that you will not complain there is nothing to eat!

Some Chinese cake, red bean soup, and some orange…

This is a standard menu for a table for 12 persons…

Being a guest we have to prepare some gift usually a cash coupon of say HKD$500-$HKD1,000 or more depending on how close you are with the host.

I feel puzzled and confused after so many years , why still we have to entertain a lot of people who may or may not like to come…for such kind of dinner, in the recent decade, before the dinner usually start at 9 pm… You have to be seated and watch the video and photo album presented on the screen…. How did they meet, how they did the make their first kiss and how they went into the church… and how stupid they signed the Marriage Contract in the City district office.

I have been officially married twice, I have never invited people to come for this SHOW at all..

If I could marry again, again, I will not invite anyone, may be a table for ten for the relative for a dinner paid by me… that is all!

Do not waste too much resource , the only beneficiate is the restaurant as wedding dinner is probably 50% of their income per year.

I will use the money for a trio in Some secret place in the world , or simply lock in room of a hotel….to enjoy the tranquility of being un-disturbed…
This is only the personal deal of this couple….a cold down period of regret soon happen…as everyone knows: marriage is the most stupid things people keep on doing…

Or if you insist this is the Chinese Traditional to invite friend, school mates, colleagues your boss to these feast,, please do not kill do many animal as the bloody massacres screen of killing shark in our mind. It hurts!

Try to create some new recipe…But I know that is a new revolution to the Traditional and all it takes is gust and courage… and to be support by their guest..

Like some of the Christian, prepare a tea party for your close relative…

HK Snob

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