Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HKIA Advertisement

I think everyone knows that our Air port was huge and beautiful, efficient and clean. But Can I say that is No.1  efficiency in all the airport of the World? Through the ad that I saw was a version in Chinese… “效率一流” can mean that this is the first class efficiency, and does not mean No. 1 efficiency. Even though, all these should be direct comment of the visitors. However being international airport, you can see that there is an automatic tape as ad as to promote how good the Air port is! It seems to me that HKIA is Perfect from the 5 mins. advertisement!

I think that is not a proper way to make a self appraisal on itself. I am very embarrassing to see this kind of ad when we are waiting the luggage at the conveyor belt…

I hope the director if the HKIA should be humble as to remove this kind of ad, and send us questionnaire for performing review of the Quality of Airport, I am sure that there are a lot of room to improve,… would not as the same as they say “ The Airport is 效率一流!”

HK Snob

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